iRhyme for iPhone - The Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary.


"iRhyme works great, love it! I was using it in the studio just last night."
— M.C. Hammer

What's iRhyme?

iRhyme is a brand new rhyming dictionary that gives you the best, most popular rhymes used by real songs!

Make your poetry, songwriting and rapping easy and fun with iRhyme!

iRhyme analyzes over 60,000+ songs to give you the best rhymes and lyrics.

iRhyme contains over 1.5+ Million rhymes, 57,000+ words - all instantly at your fingertips, right in your pocket!

Key Features

iRhyme - over a million rhymes in your pocket!


iRhyme is available now in the App Store for just $0.99


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